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OKNHA TE TAINGPOR,  was born in 1958 and he can speak five languages ​​such as Khmer, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and English. He is a businessman with many goods such as rice, cassava and other livestock for supplying  neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam since 1986. He, then,  changed his business into gold and silver traders since 1984. He started establish a company to supply soap to the government until 1993, and then he started   involved in real estate sector. Since 1999, OKNHA TEA TAINGPOR has been co-director of the team working of  the Government Private SME (GPSF) with his Cambodian counterpart, Minister of Industry and Handicrafts. Currently, OKNHA TEA TAINGPOR is a member of the Board of Directors, Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC.



Mrs. TE KAKLIKA  is currently a influential shareholder and General Manager of Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC. to present. She has held the position of General Manager since December 2016. She has been in charge of managing all Finance and Accounting Department, Human Resources and Administration Department, Credit Department, and IT Department. She holds a Master's degree in Finance and Banking at Norton University in 2015 and a Bachelor of Finance and Banking from National University of Management in 2011. She is a former Director of Real Goal Event Management from 2011 to 2015. In particular, she has the ability to speak fluent English and Chinese fluently.



Mr. KAN VICHETH He was born in year 1975 and he   begun his career with banking industry  sector  for the first time in 1995, He was acting as a bank employee, at that time he completed a course of accounting and computer training at KYDO organization and until ending 1997 he resigned from the bank, He loved his new career as an English teacher at a local Institute of his homeland.In year 2003, he returned to the banking sector, where he worked as a bank staff, and in 2005 he was promoted to an accountant and then promoted as finance manager’s assistant of that bank. In 2007, he was responsible for the preparation of the financial statements, as well as the report of the National Bank of Cambodia and other reports as well as Taxpayer and he trained the next generations.He earned a Bachelor degree of Accounting and Finance from Build Bright University in 2007, and he attended several short courses in banking and micro finance sector, taxation and other software management systems. In 2010, he decided to change from banking sector to microfinance, he was in charge of the financial management and accounting of a new MFI of Korean for seven years there,  he was responsible for the work of the entire Finance Department.Besides, he has been involved in formulating a five-year financial plan and engaged in process capital increment, board changing, other board resolution, he has closely with other governmental ministry or other organs. He was one management to establishment planning for apply branch of this institution and other affiliate.Until April 2018, he passed to Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC. As Finance Manager and dominating  accounting processes, He go responsibility other than finance duties of this microfinance.



Ms. MORM SOPHEA was born in 1989 in Phnom Penh. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Vanda Accounting Institute in 2014, Phnom Penh branch of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and completed a tax agency course at the National Tax School in 2019. Along with her seniority, she is in charge of the Finance Officer at BAYTANG Credit Organization, which is responsible for the financial management and troubleshooting of the branch and Head office. She has more than six years of banking experience across a range of roles: Teller, Chef Teller, Accountant and Finance Officer. She has joined at Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC, as Deputy Accounting Manager.



Mr. NOUV BROSH is Cambodian Nation. In 2017, Brosh graduated Master degree Education Science in Major Education Science Management from Institute of New Khmer of at PHNOM PENH City, CAMBODIA.​ He was joined a lot of training courses as Professional in Law, Education, Leadership, Management Skills, Regulation of Compliance, AML/FTC and Management of Bank and Microfinance, Workshop in BIF. Brosh has more than 15 years’ experience with various position likes: Training Project officer at HAGAR International Organization, Head of HR and Admin Department at SAMRITHISAK Microfinance Limited, Head of HR and Admin Department at LY HONG CHHOY Trading Co, ltd. And working in the part-time of Senior Lecture at Cambodia University Science and Head of Economic Department at Science University. In August, 2019, Brosh was joined with Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC in position Compliance Manager than in December, 2019, Mr. Nouv Brosh appointed formal to compliance manager.



Mr. LACH PHEAREAK was born in 1995. He graduated Bachelor Degree of Tourism and hospitality at Royal University of Law and Economics(RULE) in 2017 and General English Program at Aii Language Center. due to his interesting in his career in banking and finance sectors.He has taken up the challenge. For his first job, he joined with Mincrofinance Institution SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC., at the end of 2015, started as a loan officer, as his top management has seen his work good improvement with quality of loan and be able to loan analyzing.  Then, he became a Credit Analysis Office in 2019 and has been instrumental in helping to enhance the quality of credit applications and undertaking risk analysis be developing statistical models to present.



Mr. TOCH THONA  is Cambodian nation. Since 2009, Thona graduated bachelor degree in major Marketing at Human Resource University at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has more than 15 years experience with various position as seller at Ngenh fat Co.,ltd in 2005, credit officer at Narith loan service company in 2007, credit officer at PRASAC MFI Plc in 2010, credit specialist officer at Prince Finance Ltd in 2017 and March, 2019, Thona was joined with Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM  KAMPUCHEA PLC in position Credit officer. 



Mr. NOV CHANTHEARA was born in 1994. He earned Bachelor Degree of Management Information System (MIS) at SETECT in 2016. Theara, a former Senior of IT at FUTABA Microfinance Plc., was previously responsible for leading whole Core Banking System, which improves operational flow by providing the required information. Lastly, he has joined at Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKREAS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC. since March, 2019. and responsible for leading and controlling IT Department supported service Core Banking System and System Administrator. Up to now, he got 4-years’ experience in banking sector and financial institution.