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CEO's Message


LORK OKHNA TE TANGPOR was born in 1958 and he can speak five languages: Khmer, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and English. He has been a trader with rice, cassava, and other livestock for domestic and neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam since 1986. He then transformed his business into a gold and currency trader since 1984. He started a company to supply soap to the government until 1993 and then got involved in real estate. Since 1999, Lork Oknha Te Tang Por has been the Co-Chair of the Government Private Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (GPSF) with his counterpart, the Min-ister of Industry and Handicrafts of Cambodia. At present, Lork Oknha Te Tang Por is a member of the Board of Shareholders and the CEO of the Microfinance Institution SAMPORN SAMAKUM SAHAKRE-AS THUNTOCH NEUNG MATJUM KAMPUCHEA PLC.